Ark Fellowship, LI

Ark Fellowship is a registered Chinese Christian Fellowship on NYIT Long Island campus. We love because Jesus loved us. Not necessarily every member of the Ark is a Christian, but because of the love of Jesus we gathered. Most of the Ark members are Chinese students, but you are welcome and invited to join us. Spiritual enrichment and support is an integral part of us as human beings. Our natural curiosity and the need to know the meaning of life is undeniable. This organization will provide a network of support to domestic and international Chinese students by providing them a community that they can relate to those who are from the same background and culture. This network of emotional and spiritual support will be an integral part of their growth and student life at NYIT.  

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Jessie Ma
Vice President
Yuxiao Lin
Yuna Cha
Mingyue Xia
Sabrina Wang