Freedom By Design, NYC

Freedom By Design (FBD) is a program by American Institute of Architects, where the members take part in community service through providing design and construction solutions. The members should be able to experience the practical impact of architecture and design outside the curriculum. Through forming a club in SGA, we aim to achieve our goal of involving members in short term impactful projects that will allow them to use their creative skills specifically in design. The club will be a significant part of New York Institute of Technology as the architecture community forms a large part of this institute, this club will allow students from other departments to play an active role in the activities and workshops that might benefit them and instill creative aspirations. This club aims to bridge the gap between various academic departments to ensure skill sharing.


AIAS Freedom by Design is a program of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) that utilizes the skills and talents of architecture students in service to their community. AIAS FBD projects should better the community, promote skill building, and foster relationships.


AIAS FBD empowers students to become owners in a process that radically impacts the lives of people in their communities through design and construction solutions.

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