Quantum Computing Club, NYC

With quantum technology now evolving at such a fast rate, there are not enough formal classroom settings where the impacts of what the incoming quantum computing age can mean in contrast to our classical computing status quo. Understanding the importance of this technology is paramount not only to computer science curriculums where QC promises to be the new face of the field, but also to any academic field where the benefits of QC could be of value in modeling previously intractable problems. What NYIT Quantum aims to do is to ultimately have a community-driven base of practical NP-complete decisions that modern QC may be able to solve.

Big companies such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, etc. are already focused on large enterprise solutions to existing problems. In contrast, NYIT Quantum is looking to design solutions to questions we did not know we even had. To do this, we are first exploring the landscape: reaching out to various organizations within different sectors to put heads together and learn about what kinds of modeling problems exist that QC could address, as well as grappling with the literature and keeping up to date with current events. We need YOUR help to expand our network and outreach, dive deeper into the literature, and brainstorm applications for QC!


Twitter: @theqrg

Discord: https://discord.gg/3vFd8p658v

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Shwetha Jayaraj
Vice President
Boian Etropolski
Joanna Pedretti
Mohammed Ahmed
Justin Cook