Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, NYC

SHPE is a national organization that helps students feel welcomed in their community by expressing diversity and leadership skills. The goal of this club will be to bring out the Hispanic engineers at NYIT and make them feel comfortable and make them feel like they are important to the NYIT community. We'll have events like which will include different kinds of Spanish food, games, live music, and activities. This club will also do engineering-related workshops that will bring out the Hispanic engineers of NYIT. This club is not limited to Hispanics or engineers, anyone can join SHPE. Just like any other club, the main goal is to educate students and help them become more active in school activities, and break the status quo of just going to school and going home. This club is a national organization that helps increase the number of Hispanic engineers all over the country. This organization also has an annual conference to provide job offers/ summer internships to students in the STEM field. 

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