United Fraternity and Sorority Association, NYC

Mission: The mission of United Fraternity Sorority Association  is to unify and support all member organizations at the New York Institute of Technology, New York City Campus by promoting scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship. 

Purpose: The purpose of United Fraternity Sorority Association is to develop and maintain Fraternity and Sorority Life at the New York Institute of Technology, New York City Campus and serve as the primary representation for all collegiate and social fraternities, sororities, and societies to the administration and student body. All actions taken by the United Fraternity Sorority Association shall be done while holding true these four core values: 

  1. Service - We ensure that organizations are not only focused and dedicated to serving their national and/or local philanthropic causes but take part in the community. Through these actions, we are able to provide service to our society and also service to our individual selves. 
  2. Education - Our commitment to excellence in our professional and educational endeavors, we strengthen the bond between leaders while maximizing and appreciating personal development. By committing ourselves to our minds and focusing on our individual growth, we become stronger as individuals and as a community. 
  3. Leadership - We define leaders as brothers and sisters who have overcome challenges and have proven to be the best at setting examples. Through integrity and esteem, leaders demonstrate maturity, responsibility, growth, and communication. These students have developed a balance between education, service, and friendship. 
  4. Family - As a community, we rely on and trust in one another by joining a brotherhood or sisterhood. We appreciate diversity, equality, and inclusion while preserving our history and purpose of fraternity and sorority life on the New York Institute of Technology, New York City Campus.

Our Organizations:

Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.

Alpha Sigma Tau

Delta Sigma Theta Inc.,

Sigma Iota Alpha Inc.,

Tau Kappa Epsilon